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We develop individual solutions to remove visa restrictions, optimize taxes in foreign jurisdictions, and also accompany the immigration process. We specialize in residence permit and citizenship by investment program.
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Antigua and Barbuda
from $100 000
4-6 months
The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the newest in the Caribbean. It has been available since 2013.
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from $150 000
3-6 months
Obtaining Grenadian Citizenship by investment program grants the right to live and work in Grenada at all times, the right to vote in elections and all rights associated with membership of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
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from $15 000
2+ weeks
Majestic skyscrapers, luxury hotels and shops, beaches and summer all year round. Building a business career in the UAE is prestigious.
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Saint Kitts and Nevis
from $150 000
2-6 months
Saint Kitts and Nevis is a Caribbean country. It is famous for its well-developed economy, high-quality medical care, and a high level of education.
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from $400 000
4-6 months
Cosmopolitans can get a second citizenship for investing in the country's economy from $400,000. There are five options to choose from: buying real estate, investment fund shares or government bonds, participating in the fixed capital of a Turkish company, opening a deposit in a Turkish bank.
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from $100 000
3-4 months
The Dominica program is one of the most inexpensive in the Caribbean. Investors receive citizenship by investing $100,000 or more to the government fund or $200,000 in real estate.
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from $130 000
2-3 months
Vanuatu's investment citizenship program offers the fastest way to obtain citizenship in exchange for a non-refundable contribution to a local government fund starting at $80,000.
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How it works

The process of obtaining a second citizenship

Preliminary check
Preliminary due diligence of the main applicant/investor. The due diligence is completely confidential. The investor provides us with a copy of the first page of the passport.
Program selection and preparation of documents
Our specialists study the investor's documents, lawyers together with the main applicant prepare a package of documents for applying for a second citizenship.
Fulfillment of investment conditions
The investor fulfills the main investment condition - payment of state inspections and investment fee/prepayment.
Due Diligence
Documents are checked in local executive authorities.
Obtaining a passport(s)
The Citizenship by Investment Department issues a passport(s).
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24 Июля 2023
Opening a Company in the UAE

Opening a company in the UAE presents an attractive opportunity for business development. Entrepreneurs who establish a company in the UAE can obtain a residency visa and open a bank account in the Emirates.

Opening a Company in the UAE